Acai Berry  *  Astaxanthin * Blueberry  *  CinSulin  *  Coenzyme Q10  *  Cranberry  *  Ginkgo BilobaGrape Seed  *  Lutein & Zeaxanthin  *  Milk Thistle  *  Pycnogenol  *  Resveratrol   *  Turmeric

Free radicals are formed during the normal, ongoing process of cell rejuvenation in the body. Most free radicals are molecules with an unpaired electron. The unpaired electron makes many free radicals highly reactive. A free radical wants to get back in balance by either donating or stealing an electron from another molecule. This can sometimes set off a chain reaction. During this chain reaction, sometimes vital cells are changed and damaged.

Usually, the body’s own antioxidants can counter free radical production. However, as we age, the free radical production may begin to speed up. The theory behind taking an antioxidant is that it may assist in stopping the chain reaction set off by free radicals

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Acai Berry

Powerful antioxidant  *  Helps prevent arthritis, inflammation, obesity, erectile dysfunction, neurological diseases, and allergies.  *  Has positive effects on oxidative stress, heart disease, and cancer


Potent Antioxidant  *  Enhances Skin Elasticity, Moisture, Texture and Tone  *   Helps Protect Eyes and Skin from UV Rays  *  Helps Reduce Oxidative Stress in our Bodies  *  Reduces Inflammation, Which Can Promote Joint Health

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Blueberries have been identified as a superior source of antioxidants  *  Helping support normal eyesight and night vision  *  Helping regulate blood glucose levels already within the normal range  *  Supporting healthy circulation by helping support healthy blood sugar levels, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels already within a normal range and supporting optimum endothelial function.  *  Helps support brain health and memory, especially in older adults


Enhance insulin function, for more efficient glucose metabolism.  *  Lower blood glucose levels  *  Reduce fasting glycemia and oxidative stress  *  Improve other factors, such as blood pressure, percentage body fat, and lean body mass and function as an antioxidant

Coenzyme Q10

Acts as an antioxidant.  *  Helps support heart function.  *  Important for individuals taking statin drugs to lower cholesterol.  *  Helps support and replenish CoQ10 levels in diabetes, cancer, and congestive heart failure sufferers.


Supports Healthy Urinary Tract   *   Antioxidant Support

Ginkgo Biloba

Supports Alertness & Cognition  *  Promotes Healthy Circulation

Grape Seed

Helps provide cardiovascular support

Lutein & Zeaxanthin

Are carotenoids that help support healthy vision  *  May act as a filter from potentially damaging ultra-violet light  *  Are powerful antioxidants  *  May help improve visual acuity

Milk Thistle

 Helps to support and maintain healthy liver function


Supports healthy blood pressure and circulation  *  Supports skin health  *  Delivers extensive antioxidant protection  *  Supports joint health


Promotes heart health   *  Anti-aging antioxidant support


Supports a healthy inflammatory response as well as joint mobility and flexibility.  *  Promotes healthy liver function  *  Helps maintain a healthy digestive system  *  Support the maintenance of cholesterols levels already within the normal range  *  Provides an important source of antioxidants  *  Helps prevent the growth of a number of cancer types