CinSulin Cinnamon

Enhance insulin function, for more efficient glucose metabolism.  *  Lower blood glucose levels  *  Reduce fasting glycemia and oxidative stress  *  Improve other factors, such as blood pressure, percentage body fat, and lean body mass and function as an antioxidant

CinSulin is hailed as one of the new all natural wonder supplements on the market today. Primarily used for regulating blood sugar levels, its positive effects have been noted in diabetes, weight-loss and cancer

trunature – CinSulin

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Extracted from cinnamon bark, CinSulin’s acts by inhibiting the spiking of glucose directly after the intake of sugars and carbohydrates in meals and snacks.


For diabetics it has been described as a wonder supplement with some users reporting that they stopped needing insulin shots according to their daily diabetes monitoring schedule.


Eating increases your blood sugar which in turn increases the body’s production of insulin. This tells your body that you have an excess of energy and it needs to store it.  The production of insulin takes the glucose from your blood causing a rapid reduction in your blood-sugar levels making you to feel lethargic and hungry again.  Cinsulin prevents the initial spiking of glucose levels and storage of fats with the knock on effect being you won’t feel hungry again so quickly after eating.


According to health experts, glucose acts like a ‘fertilizer’ for cancerous tumors and cells.  Cancer cells convert glucose into lactate which are the building blocks of the cancer.  CinSulin reduces the amount of glucose in the blood, thereby discouraging the cancer’s growth.