Helps maintain digestive health  *  Supports a healthy immune system  *  Naturally restores digestive balance

Probiotics are live bacteria that are good for our health, especially our digestive system. Usually we think of bacteria as something that causes diseases, but our body is full of bacteria both good and bad. The digestive tract contains a large variety of naturally occurring bacteria. Most of these bacteria are helpful. They usually work together to ensure proper digestion and well being. Unfortunately, the intestinal environment can easily be disturbed!

trunature – Probiotics

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When bad bacteria out number the good, the healthy balance of good-versus-bad can tip, leaving us exposed to digestive challenges. 70% of the body’s immune system is within the digestive track and has the biggest effect on the overall health out of all the internal organs.

The daily use of trunature Digestive Probiotics helps restore the natural balance of the intestinal
tract. It boosts the quantities of the helpful “bugs” and crowds out the illness-causing micro-
organisms. It helps maintain digestive health, supports a healthy immune system, and naturally restores
digestive balance.

trunature Digestive Probiotic features a blend of Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacteria lactis, and L. rhamnosus GG strains. These safe and effective premium probiotics have been shown to help defend against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, and bloating. They have been scientifically shown to help fight intestinal tract illnesses and help guard against occasional infections and disease.2,3

  • Individual blister-packed capsules protect against heat, light and moisture. They determine when the last dosage was taken, encourage compliance and decrease accidental misuse.
  • Low moisture capsules, derived from vegetable sources, protect and extend the shelf life of the product.
  • No refrigeration necessary, convenient for traveling and enjoying an active lifestyle.
  • trunature Digestive Probiotic capsules are the ideal choice for people practicing an allergen-free diet, whether by preference or necessity.